Custom Badges

In our webshop, you will find many fun badges and pins. With these badges and pins, you can make your clothing or bag a completely unique item. Do you want something different to express your individuality? Or are you looking for a unique badge for your team? Then you can have custom badges made for you here.

How does it work?

Besides custom badges, patches, and pins, we also offer custom-made name tags. Completely according to your ideas.

You probably already know what you’re looking for, and we know if and how it can be produced. Embroidered emblems can be custom-made up to a size of 25x25cm. Because not every design is best suited as a badge, we give you ample advice on the design process and different design exercises.

Low-threshold contact through WhatsApp.

The design process of a custom badge usually takes a few rounds, which is why we are reachable through WhatsApp. This keeps the process low-threshold and efficient. Thanks to these short lines, we can switch quickly and design changes can be made to your fun badge without delay. This ensures that the design process of your custom badge will not take any longer than necessary. Once your design is complete, we will get to work so that you will receive your custom-made badges within 5-8 weeks.

Having custom badges made in small quantities.

Many suppliers only offer custom badge production when you order at least a few hundred. That takes the fun out of it. At, we do things differently. You can also come to us if you want to have custom badges made in a small quantity of 1-5 pieces.

Small quantity

1 - 5 pieces
  • Custom design
  • Small quantity
  • Limited fonts
  • Limited fabric colors
  • Less threads per inch

Large quantity

25 - ∞ pieces
  • Custom design
  • Large quantity
  • Incl. Glue backing
  • Lower price per piece
  • Fully embroid
  • Better machine

Grotere oplagen

100 - ∞ pieces
  • Lots of color choices
  • Fonttype choise
  • Printed & Woven
  • Additional symbols
  • Different sizes

Do you have some questions?

Do you want to know more about having custom badges made, in a large or small quantity? Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do this via WhatsApp (06-33054563), but you can also find us on Instagram end Facebook. Of course, you can also send us an email or fill out the contact form.

Proof of skill.

Badges and patches are often used in scouting as proof of skill. We also like to show off our achievements. A badge says more than 1000 words, doesn’t it? That’s why we show you a few of the custom badges we’ve made below, along with the story of the customer we helped with them.

When I became a cub scout leader, I was given the theme name OE. To spruce up my blouse, I came up with the idea of making badges myself. I found, a website where I had previously placed orders. They made custom badges and delivered them quickly and of good quality. A great choice for me.
  1. Funbadges or badges turned out really well, thank you very much!👍👍
  2. The badges have become super cool, thank you very much.
  3. The badges look really good, everyone thought they were super awesome!

I didn’t know that not all designs can be put on a badge. Thanks to the expert guidance of Funbadges, I was able to design my own badge. It has turned out truly fantastic. Highly recommended, wholeheartedly endorsed!

We had this badge made for our Flying Tigers. We now have a few happy friends walking around with warm heads wearing this beautiful tiger on it. Thank you so much!

We wanted to thank someone for coordinating the COVID-19 policy and wanted to have a COVID insignia made for that purpose. This was easily done with Funbadges, even in smaller quantities.

We had these specially made by Funbadges for ourselves, and eventually ensured that they are also available through their webshop in collaboration with

We wanted to have a nice badge made as a farewell gift. And I must say, from the first message, the assistance was truly fantastic. The badges we received, which by the way arrived really quickly, look super cool. And all of this for a bargain price.

Our daughter wanted a blue badge with the name Phao and a wolf. This is the result, and we are very happy with it.

We had this badge specially made for a wedding within our scouting association.

Beautiful badges, and great service. I wanted a badge featuring my two dogs, and they turned out really nice. I’m happy with them!
Beautiful badges, and great service. I wanted a badge featuring my two dogs, and they turned out really nice. I’m happy with them!