Upgrade your wardrobe with our beautiful embroidered fun badge! This vibrant and colorful badge is sure to grab attention and give your outfit a personal touch. With its unique design and high-quality embroidery, this badge is perfect for brightening up your clothing, bags, or hats.

Our badge is made from durable materials and designed to last. The embroidered detail provides a beautiful texture and adds a touch of elegance to any garment. Whether you love flowers, animals, or geometric patterns, we have a wide range of designs to choose from. There’s something for everyone!

With our badge on your garments, you can express your individuality and make a statement. Let your creativity run wild and mix and match different badges to create your own unique style. Whether you want to upgrade a casual look or accentuate a special occasion, our embroidered fun badge is the perfect accessory.

Don’t wait any longer! Order our embroidered fun badge today and add some fun and flair to your wardrobe. Turn your clothing into works of art with this unique badge. Ready to show off your style? Order now and discover the endless possibilities of our embroidered fun badge!

In stock


  • Brand: None
  • Dimensions: 5×5cm
  • Type: Badge, Patch, Funbadge
  • Material: The badges are made of high-quality fabrics and partially embroidered.
  • Attachment Type: Many of our badges come with an iron-on sticker, but we recommend sewing them on by hand for the best results. This way they stay firmly in place and last a long time.

Versatile and unique:

  • Our badges are much more than just an accessory. They are an expression of your personality and creativity. Place them on your favorite garments, backpacks, caps or even on your handmade craft projects.
  • These badges are made with love and attention. They are perfect for anyone who loves personalized items and wants to create a unique style.

Whether you want to brighten up your clothing, make a statement or just have fun with our fun designs, our fun badges are the perfect choice. Add them to your collection and let your creativity run wild!